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Married With Cancer
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Eileen and Jimmy Newell had been married 24 years when Jimmy was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Cancer (CLL) during a routine physical exam. From the moment he called Eileen to deliver the news, she went from wife to wife/caregiver, a challenging role even with her training as a nurse. After several rounds of chemo over the course of seven years, Jimmy's cancer was declared as in remission, and things were looking up. Life was good-until Eileen was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years later, and suddenly, everything was turned on its head. Jimmy had to step into the role of caregiver, a role that life and a career in higher education had not prepared him for. In their book Married With Cancer, Eileen and Jimmy share how they coped as a couple through their cancer diagnoses and treatments, as patient and as caregiver. It hasn't been an easy journey, but they've had boundless love and laughter, some tears, and a few life lessons, which they share in this book to give hope and encouragement to their readers as they make their own journey toward survival.

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